1. Training "Reliability technologies, assessment mechanisms

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Company BALTECH GmbH invites engineers and power engineering specialists at the scientific-practical seminar in Lübeck (Germany). This seminar is organized for managers and technical specialists of industrial enterprises for the experience exchange and advanced training. Plan of the seminar "reliab ... ility Technologies, organization of Maintenance system". 1. The concept of "reliability Technologies" - Approaches to the organization of technical diagnostics at the enterprise. 2. Organization of the effective system „Maintenance and repair“ – evaluation Mechanisms of the current Maintenance system (maintenance and repair), the configuration of the preventive maintenance system. Stages of transition to service on the actual state. RCM analysis. 3. Theory and practice of solving problems of industrial machines reliability: * Basics of equipment alignment, methods of its implementation for various equipment. * Norms, tolerances, standards and reporting documentation. * Vibration diagnostics and vibration control, expert systems. * Dynamic balancing of rotors in their own supports. • Balancing machine. * Stationary monitoring and vibration protection systems. * Thermal and pyrometric control and diagnostics. * Analysis of oils and lubricants (tribodiagnostics). 4. Reliability of bearing units-Practical solutions to improve the reliability of the bearing unit (requirements for the manufacturer/supplier, incoming quality control, storage, installation, operation and repair of the unit): * Determination of the failures causes. Responsibility table * Manufacturers of bearing products and their evaluation. * Regulatory framework for bearing quality control. * Classification, interchangeability and application of bearings under certain operating conditions. * Methods, technologies and tools to ensure the reliability of the bearing unit. 5. Practical class: Thermal imagers and pyrometers. Laser alignment systems. Vibration diagnostics and dynamic balancing devices. Balancing machines. Tool for maintenance of bearing units

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