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Vibration is the main indicator for malfunctioning of rotor mechanisms. If it is not intentional (for example, it is intentionally present in crushers, perforators, jackhammers, etc.), then it is unacceptable. Increased vibration is a consequence of: • Defective bearings (in most cases); • Imbalan ... ce; • Misalignment; • Weakening of the foundation. Therefore, it is necessary to perform vibration control and vibration diagnostics of rotary equipment. The first concept means periodic monitoring of vibration parameters and registration of changes in the vibration values using BALTECH GmbH equipment. The second concept refers to the diagnosis of vibration symptoms and the determination of the residual life by the program BALTECH-Expert. VibroPoint BALTECH VP-3410 vibrometers, BALTECH VP-3405-2 vibration pens, VibroPoint vibration measuring instruments are the best on the market today. Let´s consider the vibration control and vibration diagnostics of rotary equipment in details. Vibration diagnostics from BALTECH. Vibration diagnostics allows: • to examine the design of equipment and technology modes; • to choose a method for determining defects, adapting it to specific conditions; • to create a route and take measurements; • to process data, analyze the information received and determine the general condition of the machine; • to identify the causes of increased vibration, assess the degree and speed of malfunction; • to issue a conclusion and recommendations for maintenance (operation) of the checked equipment. Vibration diagnostics has found application in various fields: • Metallurgy, chemistry and petrochemistry. Diagnostics of various rotor mechanisms; • Gas industry. Diagnostics of gas turbines; • Hydropower. Complex diagnostics of hydrogenerators and hydroturbines; • Nuclear power. Vibration diagnostics on NPP turbines with a capacity not exceeding 1000 MW; It is extremely widely used in thermal power engineering, where vibrodiagnostics is performed: • Turbine units of thermal power plants (capacity - up to 800 MW); • Heat expansion turbines; • Deformations of low-pressure cylinder of steam turbines; • "Torsion" bolts turbine foundations; • characteristics of the unit; • Using modal analysis of stator systems. Vibrometers, vibro-pens, instruments for measuring vibration of BALTECH VibroPoint series are always available at our warehouse.

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