7. RCM-analysis, Reliability technologies

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The training center BALTECH on the basis of license No. 1872 conducts training for managers and specialists in the program of additional professional education “Reliability technologies Concept - Methodology RCM-analysis”. Maintenance, focused on reliability, allows you to calculate from the point o ... f view of economics and equipment reliability, the most appropriate form of maintenance: maintenance to failure (reactive or reactive maintenance), maintenance on schedule (scheduled preventive maintenance), maintenance by condition (maintenance based on data on the actual technical condition of the equipment), proactive maintenance (excluding recurring causes of equipment failure). The methodology RCM (reliability centered maintenance) - better known as Reliability technologies or the “Concept of Reliability Technologies” is a simple and effective solution for the calculation of the maintenance and repair system. The choice of the form of maintenance is carried out on the basis of calculations and statistics. The simplicity of calculations using the Methodology of RCM-analysis of the "Concept of" reliability Technology " - Reliability technologies can be illustrated by a simple example of calculating the availability factor of equipment, which indicates the probability of being in working condition at any time, minus the planned periods when the use of equipment for its intended purpose is not expected. Assume that the compressor worked for 947 days according to the following schedule: 1) Calculate the mean time between failures (Mean time Between Failures) = MTBF MTBF (mean time between failures) = (200+360+200+120) /4=232,5 days 2) Next, we calculate the average recovery time (Mean Time To Repair) = MTTR MTTR (average recovery time) = (9 + 6 + 2) / 3 = 5.67 days 3) Further, using the formula, calculate the availability factor (availability) = MTBF / (MTBF + MTTR) Availability ratio (availability) = 232,5/ (232,5 +5,67) = 97,62% According to the requirements of the RCM methodology (RCM-analysis methodology of the "Concept of "Reliability Technology"), when considering the main reliability indicators of each unit of industrial equipment that is part of the technological installations (for example: an electric motor, pump, compressor or a separate part or unit), special attention is paid to the availability factor, which is associated with the value of MTBF and takes into account the average recovery time. To estimate the average downtime between shutdowns associated with the technical support of a group of equipment, a comparison of availability is carried out. The statistics of calculations is such that if the availability factor (availability) is less than 90%, emergency measures are required to maintain the equipment’s operational status, since with a probability of 1:10 the equipment will be inoperable! The main specificity of the work of BALTECH is to assess the state of the equipment and develop measures to improve the reliability and readiness of the equipment to work at an arbitrary point in time. The probability of equipment failure-free operation, according to the standard 27.002-2002 should be within 95% -99%, in this regard it is necessary not only to make statistical calculations on the equipment maintenance history, but also to constantly monitor the technical condition of the equipment. For almost 20 years since its foundation, BALTECH has been implementing reliability-oriented maintenance services at industrial enterprises in different countries. The statistics accumulated during this time allows us to confidently analyze equipment defects using advanced types of NC & TD (non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics), such as oil analysis, thermography, vibrodiagnostics and equipment vibro-balancing. The technical service department of BALTECH is certified as a Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory (Attestation Certificate No. 58A050798) conducts research on the actual condition of the equipment with a conclusion on the causes of equipment failures and gives recommendations (up to the development of a program of measures) to improve its reliability. Building failure patterns (graphs of the probability distribution of failures) takes a lot of time and perfect diagnostic equipment is needed to correctly build trends. Currently, there are many software for EAM-analysis (software), but even the most advanced software will require data on the technical condition of the equipment. Unique instruments, systems and equipment from BALTECH GmbH to solve the problems of ensuring the reliability of dynamic equipment allow you to quickly obtain all the necessary information for the production of these calculations.

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