Balancing of fans and smoke pumps

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5. Balancing of fans and smoke pumps Balancing machines are an integral part of the production process for the production of all rotary equipment. All industrial pumps and fans pass their life cycle through balancing on machines. Machines are of three types: horizontal-overlap most of the balan ... ced objects, vertical-are more common for balancing impellers and are usually limited in weight and size characteristics in contrast to horizontal machines and special-narrowly directed machines for mass production, have full automatic balancing. Today we will talk to you about horizontal machines. How do I pick up a machine and not lose in your choice. First, it is necessary to determine the list of rotors that are planned to be balanced at the enterprise. Very often I hear from Customers that rotors up to 500 kg, but take the machine up to 2 tons, "with a margin", as they say. And this is wrong. All machines have their own accuracy of balancing and many do not understand that it is important not just the mass of the rotor, but also its overall characteristics, since the inertia force of the fan wheel, weighing 50 kg and the motor shaft having the same mass, and the accuracy of balancing will be different, when taking into account if the machine is designed to balance rotors from 40 kg, for example. The question of choosing a machine must be approached carefully. The company "BALTECH", to reduce the possibility of incorrect selection of the machine has created an interactive questionnaire that can be downloaded from the site, fill in and send for study. To perform the task as accurately as possible, you must also prepare drawings or sketches of the rotors, because it is important to choose all the necessary equipment for balancing the rotors. The more information you provide, the greater the chance to get a machine that will satisfy all your needs. Modern baltech HBM balancing machines have the most important quality – the accuracy of balancing. Finding the point of imbalance is in automatic mode, as well as machines allow you to calculate the accuracy of the necessary balancing in accordance with iso-Standards by simply entering the mass and size characteristics of the rotor. I would also like to note that it is not necessary to remove all your rotors from the working equipment and send them directly to the machine because there is equipment for balancing in their own supports. Of course, when the company produces fans, they all go through the initial balancing on the machine, but when the rotors are already in operation and it's time to carry out the next balancing, the problem can always be solved with the help of BALTECH VP-3470.

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