Balancing of rotors on balancing machines

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4. Balancing of rotors on balancing machines Good afternoon, grateful listeners and just not indifferent to the topic "Reliable Equipment". Today I want to talk about balancing machines. If someone says that this is not obviously linked to reliability, then in the course of our communication, I t ... hink we will dispel these doubts. Let's start with the fact that for example we will consider the problem of equipment Reliability in such an area of the market as "Industrial ventilation". Currently, there are a huge number of offers on the market of various ventilation equipment. And in this huge number of offers to the consumer it is almost impossible to determine the quality of the finished product. For this reason, it is the end user who gets all the problems with the Reliability of ventilation equipment. And we know that an imbalance is one of the most common defects of the fan rotor, which leads not just to increased vibration, but can become a destructive force for the entire ventilation system. But, in the fight for the customer, serious manufacturers of various ventilation equipment can not afford to produce low-quality goods. And it was these manufacturers who first began to include in the technological chain of fan production-mandatory rotor balancing. And it is here that the equipment developed and produced by BALTECH specialists takes the leading role. Everyone knows and understands that this is the company that has been working on the market of Reliable Equipment for almost two decades and all this time occupies a leading position in the segment of balancing machines. In the line of balancing machines there is a group called BALTECH HBM. This group combines machines with belt drive and mass of balanced rotor from 5 to 5 000 kg, and machines with cardan drive and mass of balanced rotor from 50 to 30 000 kg. Each machine produced by BALTECH is an individual project taking into account all possible wishes of the client. There is also a whole group of machines, United by the common name BALTECH VBM. These are vertical balancing machines with the possibility of balancing rotors weighing from 5 to 200 kg. as well as horizontal machines, vertical machines from the company BALTECH is an individual project taking into account all possible wishes of the client. Even if your wishes and technical requirements do not fit into the standard features of baltech VBM or BALTECH NVM series machines, BALTECH will always offer you a solution to the problem. Even if you need a machine for balancing the product on the conveyor, then you also need to contact the company BALTECH. I understand that you may still have questions about balancing in General and balancing machines in particular. Then I recommend that you visit the BALTECH office in Germany.

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