Balancing on machines, reducing unbalance

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3. Balancing on machines, reducing unbalance As you have already understood, today, we will talk about balancing machines. Most often, when it comes to balancing machines, people remember about tire repair, in fact, balancing machines are widely used in various industries. The main purpose of mac ... hines is to eliminate the imbalance. An imbalance is a vector quantity that characterizes the unbalance of rotating parts of machines, or in other words-a heavy point on a rotating part. Any imbalance forms a vibration, which in turn is mostly destructive. You can take it as a rule – if there is vibration-there is a defect in the industrial equipment. As with any rule there are exceptions, in the same way and with the vibration. There are certain equipment where vibration plays a positive role, meaning jackhammers, screens, crushers, etc. There are two main types of balancing: static and dynamic. Static balancing, or as it is also called, knife balancing, is intended for rough balancing. The process itself consists in putting the balanced part on the support, and due to the force of gravity, the unbalanced point tends to the lower position. This determines the vector of unbalance. The method for eliminating the imbalance is determined empirically or by selection. The procedure itself occurs as long as the balanced part will not rotate under its own weight on the supports. Dynamic balancing is performed using high-precision balancing machines. The machines themselves are of three types: Resonant-a type of machine in which the balancing process occurs at the resonance frequency of floating supports; Resonant-a type of machine in which the balancing process occurs at the frequency of the resonance of the supports; Pre-resonant-type of machines, the process of balancing which occurs up to the resonance frequency of rigid supports, respectively. The most common type of machine is considered to be pre-resonant, because it is considered a safer method, faster and more accurate than the rest. The main manufacturer of pre-resonant machines of domestic production is considered to be the company “BALTECH". THE baltech range of balancing machines includes machines for any task, including vertical, horizontal and special balancing machines. For more information, please contact our technical specialists.

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