Balancing rotors on machines

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7. Balancing rotors on machines At the enterprises of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries in recent years, experts are paying more and more attention to the quality of vibration adjustment work. As practice shows, these measures are most effective to ensure trouble-free interval betw ... een repairs of equipment. The main stages of such work are: - balancing of rotors of machines; - balancing in own supports; - alignment of equipment; - checking the geometry of the frame and Foundation; - relubrication. In this article, I would like to talk about balancing machines. So, balancing machines (horizontal, vertical, special) are of three types: 1. Pre-resonant 2. Resonance 3. Resonant In modern industry, pre-resonant machines are mainly used, as today's technical solutions allow you to implement this equipment at an affordable cost, and the functionality, accuracy and ease of use of these machines are largely superior to other types of machines. Balancing machines (horizontal, vertical, special) of the pre-resonant type are implemented on rigid supports and, as measuring sensors, use force sensors (load cells) in contrast to other types of machines, which use pliable supports and accelerometers. Such a solution for the execution of machines (pre-resonant) allows one start and without the use of a test load (other types of machines use the test load method and several starts) to determine the dynamic coefficient of influence (DCV) of the rotor and use the software to calculate the weight of the balancing load and the place of its installation. Today, the company "BALTECH" is a leading enterprise for the production of balancing equipment not only in Russia, but also in the world. Balancing machines (horizontal, vertical, special) of the pre-resonant type of BALTECH HBM, BALTECH VBM, BALTECH SBM series have proven themselves at enterprises of various industries as reliable, accurate and easy-to-use equipment. THE baltech SW – 07 balancing machine software provides all the necessary functions for balancing. The ability to calculate loads for a given number of angles, calculating the depth of the hole when drilling the mass, balancing with the addition or selection of cargo, calculating the value of the rotor beat, the formation of several types of reports, etc. When delivering equipment, specialists of company "BALTECH" conduct installation supervision, commissioning activities, training specialists in the skills of working with balancing machines (horizontal, vertical, special) and commissioning on the territory of the Customer's enterprise. Technical service of the company "BALTECH" provides services for balancing rotors on the territory of the enterprise in Germany. The company has its own licensed training center, where specialists can take any training course on activities related to vibration adjustment.

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