BALTECH GmbH, training course TOP-101 Foundations of shaft

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BALTECH GmbH, training course TOP-101 Foundations of shaft alignment Quarterly Baltech GmbH (Germany, Lübeck) arranges refresher courses and training courses for engineers, mechanics. The BALTECH’s training centre offers comprehensive training programs designed for managers and technical speci ... alists of industrial enterprises. These courses can help you to solve the problems related to ensuring the reliability of industrial equipment using innovative approaches to the organization of the maintenance system. All the training programs include both theoretical and practical training. The practical exercises are conducted with the use of modern instruments, systems and tools of domestic and foreign production. All the participants receive training materials. The training courses cover the following subjects: • Foundations of alignment and geometry measurement of rotating machines (course TOP-101) • Dynamic balancing of rotors in their own bearings (training course TOP-102) • Foundations of vibration diagnostics (training course TOP-103) • Thermography and thermal imaging diagnostics (training course TOP-104) • Tribodiagnostics, oil and lubricant analysis (training course TOP-105) • Reliability of bearing assemblies (training course BE-201) • Organization of technical diagnostics service at an enterprise. The Reliability Technologies concept (training course RT-2020)

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Nataly Wypijewski
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