Installation and commissioning of balancing machines

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8. Installation and commissioning of balancing machines For more than 20 years, BALTECH has been developing a comprehensive solution to improve the reliability of equipment installed at your enterprises. According to statistics accumulated over the years, the main cause of accidents on rotary m ... achines is an imbalance (17% of cases). In this article, we offer you to get acquainted with some questions concerning the types of balancing machines and their installation. Baltech HBM (Horizontal Balancing Machines), BALTECH VBM (Vertical Balancing Machines), BALTECH SBM (Special Balancing Machines) are high - precision (0.1-0.5 GMM/kg per kilogram of rotor weight) modern tools for measuring and eliminating product imbalance. BALTECH series machines are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the interstate standard GOST 20076-2007 (ISO 2953: 1999. Vibration. Balancing Machines. Characteristics and methods of their verification). BALTECH series balancing machines balance a wide range of rotors not only during their manufacture at the manufacturer's factory, but also during their repair. Depending on the mass-dimensional characteristics of the balanced part and according to Your specifications, special balancing machines that are not included in the list of THE standard baltech catalog can be produced. To ensure a short acceleration time and a fast balancing cycle, the machines are available in three types of drive: - belt drive (B-belt drive); - cardan drive (C-cardan drive); - universal drive U (belt+cardan) (universal drive (belt+cardan)). Thanks to its compact and robust design, the machine does not require a large installation area. Balancing machines are installed in the production room or in the laboratory on a separate standard Foundation (do not require a special Foundation) according to building codes and rules in accordance with the following conditions: 1) ambient temperature in the range from 0 to +35°C; 2) relative humidity not higher than 85%; 3) the air in the working area of the machine must not contain dust: * metal (from gas torches, electric welding); * abrasive from the work of grinding machines, from painting surfaces; * chemical vapors, cement dust, etc.; * there should be no corrosive materials, vibration interference, or electromagnetic radiation in the vicinity. * power supply voltage fluctuations must not exceed the nominal value by ± 10%; * the machine must be securely grounded. In the licensed (License no. 3582 of September 24, 2018) Training center for advanced training "BALTECH", you can take a training course TOR-102 "Balancing rotors on site and on balancing machines". Operators, Adjusters, electrical repairers, mechanical repairers and other persons responsible for the installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and maintenance of equipment must complete this training course. You can optimize the company's costs for maintenance of industrial equipment without purchasing devices. Outsourcing is the most effective and economical option for solving periodic tasks of balancing and vibration adjustment of rotary equipment. Our highly qualified specialists provide technical service using modern devices, not only developed by "BALTECH", but also devices from Fixturlaser (Sweden), CSI Technologies (USA), Spectro Scientific (USA).

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