Methods of balancing the parts on the machines

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12. Methods of balancing the parts on the machines How, where and how to balance the rotor? What is a balancing machine? How does it work? And where to buy it? Since you are reading this article, you are definitely asking these questions. Let's start with the fact that the balancing machine is a ... n equipment with a measuring sensor and installation for further balancing. The measuring part is responsible for accurately determining the location and magnitude of the imbalance (unbalance) of the rotor by measuring the vibration. The machine installation consists of a drive frame and supports for mounting the balanced part. Balancing machines are used for balancing rotating parts-rotors of electric motors and turbines, shafts, couplings, screws, gyroscopes, cartridges of milling machines, etc. How does it work? The principle of operation of the balancing machine is very simple: the balanced rotor is installed on the supports of the machine, the drive for its rotation and the measuring device with an indication. Next, the belt-driven motor rotates the rotor, during the rotation of the sensors make measurements that are transmitted to the computer to further identify the location and magnitude of the imbalance. After identifying the necessary data, balancing is performed. Depending on the type of part and the imbalance there are three methods of balancing: 1. Mass sampling – in the identified places, the mass is removed in any available way (drilling is possible) to redistribute the mass. This is the fastest and easiest balancing method. 2. Adding mass – in the specified places add the necessary mass. This can be done in various ways (welding plates, installing balancing washers and adjusting screws), depending on the circumstances. 3. The method of balancing rings-is applied mainly to the mandrels of milling machines. Two rings are attached to the mandrel, which rotate around the axis of the mandrel. When rotating, the rings create an imbalance proportional to the imbalance of the part, thereby balancing the part. And now we will pass to the most important question what balancing machine to balance? BALTECH company offers balancing machines with hard and soft supports for balancing rotors and parts of the series: 1. BALTECH HBM (horizontal) 2. BALTECH VBM (vertical) 3. BALTECH SBM (special) These machines are manufactured in accordance with standards (ISO 2953: 1999) and fully comply with international requirements for ISO 9001-2011. Also, the company "BALTECH" offers to conduct a technical audit on the possibility to repair or replace your balancing machine with baltech series machines under the "TRADE-IN" program. Types of supplied balancing machines and automatic balancing lines: – for rotors and fan impellers; – for armatures of electric motors; – for press cylinders; – for machine-tool spindles and chassis; – for pump and compressor impellers; - for turbo units; – for cardan shafts and crankshafts; - for grinding wheels; - for separators, centrifuges; - for disks and spare parts; - for mechanisms assembled. According to an individual technical task, we have a unique opportunity to produce non-standard balancing machines and balancing equipment of other sizes and purposes that are not included in the standard specifications. If you have a need for technical service, certified specialists of the technical service Department of the company "BALTECH" can perform the necessary technical work with a visit to Your company in the following areas: – Vibration diagnostics; – Thermography; - Alignment and balancing in place; - Testing of balancing machines. You can also improve the skills of your employees in the licensed training center of the company "BALTECH", the course TOR-102 "Dynamic balancing of rotors in their own supports and balancing machines" in Germany. And when purchasing baltech balancing machines, training of the designated responsible personnel in THE baltech training center is completely free of charge. In addition to all these features, you should pay attention to the possibility of working together on design and estimate documentation. Equipping projects for filling the workshops of standing enterprises with equipment for repairing rotating mechanisms is possible with the involvement of BALTECH specialists. Work only with professionals, and get quality reliable equipment on time, with a full package of warranty and post-warranty service.

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