Methods of detecting soot in diesel oil. Minilabs Spectro

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Methods of detecting soot in diesel oil. Minilabs Spectro Scientific This article will show the best method for detecting soot in diesel oil today. There are several well-known techniques for detecting the presence of soot in diesel oil. The most convenient analysis, which has the lowest cost, i ... s an analysis using an infrared spectrometer, for example, the 1100 IR analyzer, which forms the basis of modern Minilab series oil analysis laboratories. Using this technique, more than a dozen oil parameters can be measured simultaneously. It should be replaced that some of them are determined more reliably than others, which depends on the susceptibility to interference in the wavelength region of interest. Although data collection by the IR spectral method is relatively simple, there are problems with the accuracy of the measurement, especially with increasing particle size of soot and the ingress of contaminants such as dirt. The maximum detection limit by IR spectroscopy can be from 1.5 to 5 percent, due to the fact that the critical limits of the measured values by this method for engines with exhaust gas recirculation can be 8 percent, and other systems about 5 percent. Alternatives to this method are thermogravimetric analysis and a pentane insolubility test. The pentane insolubility test consists in separating insoluble substances from oil using a specially selected solvent after adding it to the oil. The solvent, as a rule, is pentane, and sometimes toluene. Insoluble substances are separated from the mixture by centrifugation or by filtration on a filter membrane. Although this is a fairly simple method with a lower cost than IR spectroscopy, it becomes difficult to apply when other insoluble inclusions are present in the oil, since they will be measured together. Thermogravimetric analysis is able to give the most accurate measurements of the soot content in the test oil. However, it is quite long. So, to determine the concentration of soot, the sample should be heated to several stages and the difference in the weight of the volatile ash components should be compared with the initial sample. This method costs much more than the other two, so it can be considered as a replacement for them. Nevertheless, it can act as an arbitration one after a screening analysis of soot, since its accuracy characteristics are usually higher. Considering the above data, it is possible to draw a reasonable conclusion that for everyday practice, in particular in a factory or car repair shop, it is optimal to use the IR analysis method to determine soot. The most acceptable example of equipment for this analysis in the field is the Minilab 23 minilaboratory, which is based on the 1100 IR analyzer. This is a portable, lightweight device that can be operated on battery power and allows for a couple of minutes to conduct a complete chemical analysis of the state of the oil without the use of solvents and reagents. If you need additional control over the content of soot in the oil, you should use the Minilab 53 minilaboratory, which, in addition to the IR analyzer 1100, has a particle counter of the LNF series, which also determines the amount of soot. Training courses on the topics of NO-2010 "The concept of" Reliable equipment "(developer Romanov Roman Alexandrovich, 921-757-90-51) and" TOP-105 Fundamentals of the theory of lubrication of machines. Tribodiagnosis. The oil analysis method under operating conditions ”is carried out within five working days and lasting forty academic hours.

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