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Email/skype:sales01@lanjingph.com We sell High Quality Mephedrone (4MMC) and other research chemicals in both powder and crystal forms.  Carfentanil/fentanyl Alprazolam  A-PVP  BK-EBDP  BK-DMBDB  BK-2C-B  BUFF  Ethylone  MDPV  MDMA  U47700  U49900  HEX-EN  4CEC  4CPRC  4F-PHP  4M ... PD  2NMC  Methylone  MPHP  MMB-Chminaca MMBC  MDPHP  EG018  5C-AKB48  5F-MDMB-2201  5-Meo-Dalt  3-Meo-Pcp  5fur-144  AM2201  FAB-144  5F-PCN  5F-MN-24  5FNPB22  Dibutylone  NM2201  4-CL-PVP  TH-PVP  Adrafinil 

Price:1 €

Location:Durham CC


Kelley zhang
+44 2165643246

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